Karim Chamaa

Mechatronics and Robotics Engineer


Following is a detailed list of projects that I have been working on during my undergraduate and graduate studies:


Mechatronics and Robotics:

  1. Virtual Control of Mobile Robots
  2. Autonomous Writing and Drawing Robot
  3. Generation of n-DOF Serial Robotic Manipulator Workspace
  4. Simulation of a 3-DOF Writing and Drawing Robot
  5. Hand Gesture Military Robot
  6. Building Integrated Autonomous Firefighting Robot
  7. Smart Green Home


Design and Manufacturing:

  1. Human Powered Vehicle
  2. Human Stretcher


Energy and Power:

  1. Simulation of a V4 Renault Engine
  2. Assessment of Performance of Radiators
  3. Switching to Sustainable Energy
  4. Modeling of the Saturn Conventional Power Train


Engineering Management:

  1. Lean Manufacturing Case Study
  2. Planning and Scheduling the Construction of a Building



  1. ParKar